Contingency Planning

Advanced planning is essential to minimize the effects of a disaster.

Reacting to a disaster after it has occurred is difficult and increases the duration of business interruption and the cost associated with it. Advanced planning is essential to minimize the effects of a disaster. Contact Global Response Team to meet with one of our consultants to assist you in creating an emergency plan that best suits your business. Our consultants will assist you in:

• Impact Analysis - We examine departmental inter-dependencies through a Business Impact Analysis to determine how a disaster will impact your day-to-day operations.

• Risk Analysis - We account for critical assets, equipment, and inventories, then identify failure points which can interrupt business.

• Mock Disasters - We suggest to practice your new emergency plan by hosting mock disasters with personnel that are to be responsible for key tasks.

• Periodic Review - Global Response Team will assist you biannually in reviewing and updating your Emergency Response Agreement.

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